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Thank You!

Dear family,

When we started HostSmart in 2001 it was mainly to host Mary’s personal kennel site, and to give her a place to work on her web development skills. Soon she discovered that a great number of her friends in the dog breeding community also needed quality websites, and she was happy to help them out. Within a few short years it became obvious that she had a real business on her hands, and I joined on in 2003 to handle the IT side of the operation.

For over 20 years was the place for dog breeders all across North America to host their online presence. I’ve been proud to do my small part to keep the servers up and running for our clients. Mary cared deeply for her clients and always worked to give their sites the very best look and function that she could. I’m sure most of you will agree that her artwork on those sites was truly exceptional.

Sadly, with Mary's passing in September of 2022, the heart of HostSmart is gone. My role has always been in the background, and I am not in a position to maintain the service that she provided. This is why I’ve decided to wind up the business effective 31 Dec 2022.

I've been happy to work with you through the month of December to assist in your transition to your new online homes, and I wish you success going forward. It has been my privilege to be a part of the HostSmart journey with you.

Again, my sincere thanks for your support over the years.


Jordon Davidson
Senior Developer / Owner