Help Files & Tutorials

Static, step by step tutorials:

Using the Professional Web Editor (ask us to install it for you and we will provide you with your login & password) Help files are inside the editor (bottom right corner),

And we have provided a few tutorials to get you started. HERE

Flash Tutorials  (From setting up new e-mail accounts to editing and uploading files)
The following Tutorials can be accessed HERE under End User Tutorials

End User Tutorials

  • Changing your password
  • Customizing your desktop
  • Using Webmail (Horde)
  • Creating a default email account
  • Using spam filters
  • Managing a database using phpmyadmin
  • Monitoring site resources and statistics
  • Creating a autoresponder
  • Creating a email alias
  • Creating a mail forward (redirect)
  • Creating a mailing list
  • Using File Manager


  • Creating an email account in Outlook Express
  • Creating a POP email account
  • Creating a web user
  • Password protecting a directory
  • Using Application Vault
  • Managing Crontab
  • Creating a custom button
  • Creating a subdomain
  • Creating a database
  • Changing your Interface skin

Plesk Mail User Tutorials

  • Changing your password
  • Creating a mail forward (redirect)


  • Using spam filters
  • Creating an autoresponder

If you would like to see a tutorial or help file for an application not shown here let us know. More will be added as time allows. Remember that many already have help files located in your control Panel.